Fife Red Phones has an easy process to follow when you need a bad credit mobile. With many great features linked to our services like high acceptance rates on applications, instant online feedback, free applications, and indiscriminate credit history applicants; just about anyone can apply for our great deals and get a credit contract mobile. Application forms are found online. This means that on your first visit to our site, you can apply for your desired contract mobile.

1. Fill in an application form

You will find a free application form online. You need to fill all the required details on the form then submit it. The form will require a minute or less to complete. You do not have to pay for the form because it is free.

2. Selecting a phone and network

On completion and submission of the application, you get instant results on the contract deals available for you. From the list provided, you are free to choose what you think best suits you. It is good to be careful on the selection you make since this is a binding offer and you will be liable for the terms associated with the deal you selected all through the contract period.

3. Wait for an approval

On selecting the offer you want, you wait for an approval from the network company offering the deal you want. This is usually fast as it is completed within a 24 hour period. You have the opportunity to receive your phone within a 24 hour period as long as you are fast in completing the paper work.