There are many reasons as to why an individual may have a bad credit record. In the UK alone, a large group has a bad credit history. This has made it difficult for such individuals to get credit financing from many established financial organizations. Some of the causes for the bad credit record experienced by individuals in the UK include: Global financial crunch, business failure, loss of job, terminal illnesses, and loan overfunding among others. Some individuals get a bad credit rating due to making unwise choices while others just fall as victims of harsh unplanned for circumstances. But when it comes to credit organizations, none want to know as to why you fell victim to the situation you may be in.

Not only those with a bad credit score have problems in getting their mobile contract applications approved but also those with a low credit score and those with no credit score. This often proves to be frustrating and it limits one from really getting the kind of phone that they truly desire. This is where we come in. We help you get if not what you truly desire then a mobile contract whose obligations you can easily meet.

While making an application for bad credit mobiles, you are required to fill in basic details about you and your financial disposition. This usually helps the company identify who you are and the kind of obligations that you can meet with ease. All this helps in the delivery of offers that you can comfortably meet rather than offering you one that will land you deeper into financial troubles while you are trying to recover from one.

After you have made an application for a contract mobile, a variety of options will be made available to you. It is good to carefully consider all the offers provided before selecting the one that you feel is best for you. Locate one that offers the lowest tariffs and has the lowest rate charges for customers. This will help you pay back a lower amount. Also to be considered is the time frame offered to pay for the contract. A shorter time means paying less but an opportunity to get out of the contract if you want to pursue another. On the other hand, a longer contract will see you pay more while also hold you for longer on that particular contract. In other cases, you may have to incur a fine if you want to terminate the contract before its maturity period.

The easiest option one with a bad credit history can get is the SIM only contract. This is usually cheap and affordable. It is the only way in ensuring that your application will not be declined. In this contract, you do not get a new mobile phone. One can only take this up if they have a mobile phone in possession that they would like to continue using.